Experience the Heart of Montana Spirits

Where every sips tells a story.

the montana distillery

Timeless Spirits, Time-Honored Setting

Historic Ambiance Meets Modern Comfort

Step into a space where Stevensville's rich history beautifully intertwines with contemporary, cozy charm.

A Venue with a Story to Tell

Host your special events in a setting that echoes with tales of the past, adding character to every gathering.

Award-Winning Craft Cocktails

Savor over 30 unique cocktails, each crafted from our internationally acclaimed spirits for an unparalleled taste.

Authentic Montana Experience

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere that captures the true spirit of Montana, creating unforgettable moments.

Echoes of the Past, Cheers to the Present

Nestled in the heart of Stevensville, The Montana Distillery’s tasting room is a harmonious blend of historical allure and modern comfort. Housed in a carefully renovated building from the early 1900s, its walls tell stories of a bygone era, with wood flooring adorned with unique touches like bullets and tin-can tops. The space is thoughtfully accented with gun-metal piping and wood trappings, cultivating an old-fashioned, industrial ambiance. This distinctive setting, combined with our array of award-winning craft cocktails, creates a warm and inviting atmosphere where history, community, and the fine art of distilling come together to offer a truly authentic Montana experience.



the montana distillery

events and gatherings

In the inviting embrace of The Montana Distillery’s tasting room, your private events and gatherings find a unique backdrop that blends historical charm with modern hospitality. Whether it’s an intimate meeting, a joyous celebration, or a special gathering, our space offers a versatile setting that can be tailored to your needs. With the capacity to comfortably host small groups, we provide an ideal venue for creating memorable experiences. Surrounded by the warm ambiance of our historic location and the exquisite taste of our award-winning craft cocktails, your events are not just occasions but cherished memories in the making. Let us be the canvas for your celebrations, where every detail is infused with the spirit of Montana’s rich heritage.



the montana distillery

What To Expect

Expect a journey back in time with every visit, where exceptional craft cocktails and a rich, historic ambiance blend to create an unforgettable Montana experience.

the montana distillery

Discover the Spirit of Montana

Step into a world where history and flavor converge in perfect harmony. Join us at The Montana Distillery’s Tasting Room for an unforgettable experience that’s as rich in history as it is in taste. Your journey through Montana’s spirited heritage awaits!