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None of our products use refined sugar, food coloring or artificial flavors. “Keepin’ it Real”™
This Award-Winning Gin is made with a touch of Juniper, Coriander, Lavender, Rosemary, Lemon and Lime. The fresh, clean and pure flavors permeate with a crisp flavorful SMOOTH finish. Either Straight or as G&T’s, Gin and Juice (w/grapefruit), Gin & Soda, martinis to Mojitos and Ceaser’s you will love your new favorite gin.

Fallen Dove

750 ML ABV 42% by (84 Proof)
• Best of Show at Montana only Spirits Competition
• Double Gold at The San Francisco World Spirits Competition
Our signature "Whiskey" has a pleasant oak forwardness and finishes with maple and vanilla notes. Made from our base spirit, we use our Rapid Aging System to bring forth the maturity of this gluten free spirit. Hard to believe it contains no grain!

Careless Creek
Red Sheep

750 ML ABV 42% (84 Proof)
This Signature Award-Winning is our premium smooth vodka, and the base for our spirits. Made from Montana- ID sugar beets. It starts slightly sweet on the lips, rolls smoothly over the tongue and when you would expect a typical alcohol burn it opens up slowly with a pleasant familiar breath and warm finish.

Woody Street Premium Vodka

750 ML ALC 42% by Vol. (84 Proof)
• Best of Show at Montana only Spirits Competition
• The only American Vodka to win a Gold Medal at the L.A. International Spirits Competition
We co-mingle our base spirit with Real Cooked Bacon, to make this unique and flavorful Award-Winning spirit. Our Bacon Vodka pair well with Bloody Mary’s and Caesar’s, but also a plethora of flavorful drinks. After all, what doesn’t go with bacon? The drink profile has a bit of smokey bacon on the nose, and a bit of salt on the lips when you take a sip. The flavor disappears for a split second then at the top of your palate it reappears as though you just ate a piece of bacon.


750 ML ALC 42% by Vol. (84 Proof)
• Bronze Medal at the LA International Spirits Competition
• Bronze Medal at the L.A. International Spirits Competition
This seasonal Spirit is the perfect cordial vodka just No added sweeteners, just Dark Flathead Cherries with a touch of Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. Straight or mixed you get a deep rich sweetness from the cherries and a warm vanilla finish.

Cherry Vanilla

750 ML Alc 42% by (84 Proof)
This refreshing spirit encompasses your taste buds with a garden-fresh aroma and subtle taste of crisp cucumbers. Light with the quintessential natural sweetness. Perfect on Spring day or Summer evening mixed in a Moscow Mule or light juice. Silver Medal Los Angeles International Spirits Competition.

Cucumber Flavored

750 ML Alc 37% (74 Proof)
Silver Medal at the LA International Spirits Competition
Our highest proof spirit can be found in our unfiltered Award Winning, Ginger vodka. Give the bottle a quick roll to equalize the pure settled ginger as to release the full flavor and smoothness. The aromatic features in this vodka will entice the senses first, followed by a light sweetness and spice on the taste buds. Finally a satisfying warmth and fresh ginger essence consumes the sinuses as you swallow.


750 ML ALC 45% by Vol. (90 Proof)
Silver Medal American Distilling Institute.
Nothing says Montana like Huckleberries. We use Real Huckleberries, Honey, and real Lemons to bring this delicious Montana delicacy to life. By itself you will taste the huckleberries and have a bit of a dry wine finish. When mixed, the flavor explodes with a satisfying and yummy experience.


750 ML ALC 37% by Vol. (74 Proof)
Best of Show at Montana only Spirits Competition
We hand roast our Medium heat pepper blend to create an aromatic and flavorful vodka. The flavor builds as the Moderate, yet present heat, finishes warm. This spirit pairs great with Bloody Mary’s and Caesar’s, and makes flavorful martinis and other cocktails to spice up your world.


750 ML Alc 42% by (84 Proof)
Real Raspberries give this Award-Winning Spirit its vibrant color and fresh aroma. Because we DO NOT add refined sugar the Fresh Raspberry Tart and natural sweet tones explode in whatever drink you make. Whether you make a Raspberry lemonade, Mojito, Raspberry lemon drop, or Raspberry soda you will experience the taste and smell of fresh Raspberry for a refreshing experience.


750 ML Alc 32% (64 Proof)
Double Gold at the SIP Best of the NW Spirit Awards
The pure core of the Madagascar vanilla bean brings a rich yet, delicate and natural sweetness to this spirit. The aroma pervades the nose as it washes over the mouth. This vodka can be described only as a rich and pleasant experience, which satisfies the senses as if in the tropics.


750 ML ALC 42% by Vol. (84 Proof)
International Silver Medal at the American Distilling Institute
Experience the full bodied flavor of our “Best of the NW SIP” Award- Winning Coffee Vodka made from “cold-pressed” Montana Distillery blend of Galaxy Coffee (Helena) through Cup-O-Joy (Stevensville). The taste from the bottle is that of a smooth flavorful iced coffee. No added sugar, flavors or coloring.


750 ML ALC 35% by Vol. (70 Proof)
Judges Pick at the SIP Best of the NW Spirit Awards
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We use only real, natural ingredients, ensuring pure and authentic flavors in every bottle. No Artificial
ingredients. Whole real foods for
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Each spirit is meticulously handcrafted, reflecting our commitment to unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.

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Our Spirits have earned Local,
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Historic Tradition

Rooted in Montana's oldest distillery tradition, our spirits carry a legacy of excellence and authenticity.

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We prioritize sustainability, from sourcing ingredients locally to eco-friendly production methods.

Community Focused

Beyond spirits, we foster community, supporting local events and initiatives, making us more than a distillery.

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