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Discover the Story Behind Every Bottle at The Montana Distillery

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Spirits, Heritage, and Community United

Welcome to The Montana Distillery, where every spirit tells a story of passion, tradition, and community. Our journey began as oldest fully functioning distillery since Prohibition, with a commitment to crafting spirits the right way – using natural, high-quality ingredients. Our historic tasting room, set in a beautifully renovated early 1900s building in downtown Stevensville, reflects a unique blend of the past and present, offering a cozy, unpretentious ambiance. We’re not just about creating exceptional spirits; we’re about fostering a sense of community and environmental responsibility, deeply ingrained in our philosophy. Our team, including our friendly distillery dog, invites you to experience the heart of Montana through our array of award-winning spirits and cocktails. Discover a place where you’re not just a customer but a part of our extended family, as we continue to pour our hearts into every bottle and every interaction.


A Legacy in Every Bottle

The Montana Distillery, renowned as Montana’s oldest, carries a legacy steeped in tradition and innovation. Founded on a passion for excellence and a commitment to authenticity, our journey from a humble local distillery to an award-winning spirits producer embodies dedication and craftsmanship. Each bottle we craft is not just a testament to our history but a promise of quality and authenticity to our customers, ensuring a genuine taste of Montana in every sip.

Real Ingredients, Unmatched Quality

At the heart of The Montana Distillery is our unwavering philosophy: to create exceptional spirits from real, natural ingredients. Our commitment to using only the finest elements, devoid of artificial flavorings, colors, or extracts, is driven by our desire to offer our customers a pure, satisfying experience. This approach not only enhances the taste but also ensures a healthier choice, free from the usual drawbacks of artificially processed spirits.

Community Spirit

Our bond with the community is as strong as the spirits we distill. Embedded in the fabric of Stevensville …We are involved in our local events, we support our local business, we celebrate our local community.

The Montana Distillery

Our Team

Meet the passionate team behind our spirits, including our beloved distillery dog Bleu, who together create the warm, welcoming atmosphere of The Montana Distillery.

Sharie-Owner, Drink Master

Mark-Owner Husband, Master Distiller

John- Lead Distiller

Heather-Bar Wizard

Mark and Sharie





Official Dog of The Montana Distillery


the montana distillery

Join Our Spirited Journey

Be a part of our story: visit us, taste our award-winning spirits, and experience the warmth and charm of our distillery and its team.

First meet Bleu our Distillery Dog, then… taste our Award-Winning Spirits and Cocktails, and experience the charm of Stevensville the state’s oldest township and the state’s oldest fully functioning distillery.